Talent Source Team helps youth to seek talent

How do you feel when you graduated without knowing your real talent? It is important to know what our talent is in order to apply it to the right job and fit the work we do. Students may focus only on theory in class, but they forget to seek the real practical experience in society. Therefore, there are many agencies and small groups created to provide guideline to the young generation to walk on the right path of their future career.

Presentation about Talent Source Team. / Photo supplied Talent Source Team (TST) is one of many teams working on helping youth to seek for their real talent and skills. It is a new emerging talented team which has gathered young and truly passionate, result-oriented individuals. The ideas behind the establishment of TST are “to inspire young people, help job seekers to get the right jobs which they can utilize and sharpen their career, and tailor people’s skills.”

TST was founded in early 2011 with “the vision of transferring wide of talent people and community through sharing and learning and the mission of bringing opportunity, experience, and network for their future careers.” Talent Source Team is a part of Great Alliances, which is the agency recruitment in Cambodia established in 2007.

Virac Sisocheata is the founder of Talent Source Team (TST) and a manager of Great Alliances. As she has experiences on recruiting employee, she notices, while in interview process, that even though applicants are outstanding students in class, they still lack confidence about themselves and not believe in their skills. Because of that reason, she comes up with the idea of creating TST.

Workshop about Talent Source Team. / Photo supplied In order to be a member of TST, the candidates need to join orientation session and then they can apply though the application form as a member. Then they need to get the confirmation from the selecting process. If they are selected to be members, they are not charged on membership fee, yet they have more chances to do real practices with TST team.

Ngoun Soksan, a senior business development specialist at Great Alliances and a member of TST said, “Being a member, one can be the organizer of the event, join the competition, be a guest speaker, and get internship from the partner of Great Alliances.” Through those experiences, it will lead them to find out what their talent is and get more confident in their skills. Besides that, as Great Alliances and TST have a lots of network, they will recommend the outstanding recruitment candidates of TST to the right company.

Hong Sreypov, a business development specialist at Great Alliances and a part of TST, says, “Everyone has his or her own talent, but they just don’t know it,” stating it is necessary for everyone to know about their hard skill and soft skill.

So far the team has already made the seminar since May with the participant more than their expectation. The seminar took place at University of Puthisastra (UP) with more than 200 people. Soksan, said, “We succeeded with our first seminar at UP because we have 200 participants while our expectation is 150”. We also got the good feedback from the entire participants via feedback forms. Some of them are interested in TST and they want to be our member as well.

For the future plan, Soksan said there will be more important activities for all Cambodian youth. Soksan said, “We promise to bring the new activity for them again.”

Article by: Song KimSour & Sam Chanmaliny
E-mail: kimsour_song@yahoo.com & chanmaliny_sam@yahoo.com
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