Cambodian users go to the downside of Facebook

Cambodian might be one of the most active groups in Facebook among world-wide users. Up to now, there are 608 560 Facebook users in Cambodia, which ranks the country in number 95 in the Facebook statistics by Country according to, a global social media and digital analytics company. Noticeably, 50 percent of the users are from 18 to 24 years old. It is interesting to see how Cambodians who live in a rather culturally restricted society are expressive in this online social network as much as western user.

Some Cambodian students used Facebook as a tool to get answers during the national exam 2012. / Photo captured from the Internet Let’s admit it --- it is tempting not to update your Facebook profile while seeing people in your list posting photos from last night party or checking in places that you went long ago. Grunting sulkily, you might find yourself saying, ‘I have a life to update to the world too!’

It is not about being competitive unveiling your everyday lives activities, but rather being responsible in having personal Facebook account and maintaining your professionalism at the same time.

Teenaged Cambodian Facebookers might not tolerate enough about what will be done to the information they shared on their Facebook page or ‘timeliness’. Believe or not, the slightest information about a person you can look up in Facebook is at least in which locality they reside, leave alone other personal details which are set public, such as turning-on photos of themselves and statuses like ‘I’m drunk!’

Some Cambodian Facebook users used this social networking site to express their personal feeling and even to attack in term of wording toward their opponent. / Photo captured from Facebook In a traditional sense, you may say ‘don’t judge people by their appearance’, but at this age, people might be judged by the anecdotes they post on their Facebook page. According to an online statistic released on Jobvite, it found out that over 90 percent of employers use or plan to use social networks as a tool for recruiting in 2012. Facebook is one of the most popular social recruiting platforms that employers prefer.

Employment is the visible affect that Facebook has caused. Now it has come to a point which online privacy shall secure your life. It could be said that now it is in stage of gathering information and profiles, but soon we will learn how these gathered data will be used by social media experts to cyber criminal. Cambodian users have to start using the only privilege right they have to control their online personal information, ‘Privacy’, before it’s too late.

The front mask of Facebook is Mark Suckerberg. It’s the fact that he was a student at Harvard back in 2004 when Facebook was founded. The second and third employees were Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. This takes the level of credibility and trust among the student users up to another stage. The initial success of its existence is among students who could hardly know each other though studying at the same college. But, with Facebook, they can have an interactive online community that was not available outside.

Now let look at how Cambodian students make the best use out of this online community. An article titled ‘New way of cheating – LINE and WhatsApp’ revealed how Cambodian 12th grade students take photos of the exam answers and share on Facebook. That just abuses the actual function of Facebook. It is upsetting to see Cambodians teenagers go to the downside of one of the most beneficial online social networks.

Facebook is certainly not an invented evil. Think of it as a professional platform where you can share useful information, connect with people in your field and expand your networks with those who shared a number of mutual friends. Paint a pretty image of yourself for your prospective employer to seize you right away for the job. By then, you will see the better sense of using Facebook.

Article by: Vann Chanvetey
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