Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes

Starting from early morning, the participants have been divided into 3 groups: Red, Green and Yellow groups. Each group has to run or walk and collect the rubbish from the starting point nearby Naga World to the ending point nearby Wat Phnom.

Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes. / Photo by Let's do it team On early Sunday morning 12 August, 2012, many Cambodian youths gathered near Koh Pich bridge to join the cleanup event called ‘Rot pong Reh pong’ organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cambodia and AIESEC and co-organized by Small World.

Chy Sila, the National President of JCI Cambodia said, “The participants can learn about the benefit of their involvement and learn about what is called ‘exercise’. They can do good things, and at the same time they can make themselves healthier.”

“I will try the best to take over my responsibility as a cleaner, and I hope everybody would join to clean up their house’s environment as well as the city, ” said Loun Vey, one of the cleaners of CINTRI Company, suggesting that cleaning the city is not only the responsibility of cleaners but also the duty of everyone.

In the event, there are 15 team leaders controlling the groups. Each participant got a pair of plastic gloves. Running or walking, the participants are Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes. / Photo by Let's do it team hard-working in collecting the rubbish and put in the big, black plastic bags.

Touch Rachana, 20, a team leader of green group said, “Our team is so active, and we have a good cooperation with each other” adding that she has joined the meeting for 3 times before the program started in order to know how to manage the team.

Sok kimseang, a 20 year-old participant and a freshman at Royal University of Agriculture said, “I’m glad to be a good citizen to join the cleaning of our city. We want to be a good role models for those who throw the rubbish and to change their behaviors accordingly.”

Lach Vannak, the Co-organizer from Small World said, “If everybody is responsible for one’s own rubbish and put the rubbish into the rubbish bin, our country will be clean, and we will have good health too.”

Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes. / Photo by Let's do it team There was a group of men riding bicycle in the front and at the back of the participants during the clean-up activity. This is to ensure if someone has the health problem, they will inform the organizer faster by their bicycles. Moreover, there are 40 members of first aid volunteers from University of Puthisastra walking with the participants during the clean-up activity.

After arriving the ending, the participants took off the plastic gloves, washed their hands, and got a cup of coke and bread as their breakfast.

‘Rot pong Reh pong’ is the event aiming to raise the awareness about city cleaning, and it is a promotional event of the main event, Let’s Do It Phnom Penh 2012, which will be held on 26th August 2012.

Let’s do it Phnom Penh is a part of Let’s Do It World 2012. This is the 2nd time that Cambodia is among 91 countries joining this movement, starting in 2011. This year, Let’s Do it Phnom Penh aims to get up around 10,000 people to clean up Phnom Penh.

Article by: HEANG Sreychea
E-mail: kally_berry@yahoo.com
Photo by: Let's do it team
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