Three CambodiaCircles reporters play role as social event organizers

CambodiaCircles reporters have joined a South East Asia Life Matters Course 2012. They later used knowledge and experience from the course to organize an event to share to other people.

What is South East Asia Life Matters Course 2012?

South East Asia Life Matters Course 2012 (LMC) is a training and sharing course where youth in SEA countries can learn about “life” under the project of Initiative of Changes (IofC).

It is the first time that this course took place in Asian country like Cambodia since LMC is usually held in Australia, and it was originally created there in 1995. This course went smoothly this year with 7 days and 7 nights in Sihanouk Ville by learning, sharing, and living together. For the upcoming years, the program will be held in other different countries.

After joining LMC, “Starting Today for Better Tomorrow” is created.

- by Muong Vandy

After LMC 2012, I felt that I am old enough to take a real responsibility in life so as to run an event. Meeting different people and exchanging knowledge as well as experiences made a confident person.

We organized an event called “Starting Today for Better Tomorrow” and we aimed at promoting habit of sharing between people to youth, and youth to youth about Life Matters.

Before the event start:

Former LMC participants 2012 including me had divided into different groups to anticipate our mission. As part of the team, I used my free time to foresee what would be going on during the event and what would happen next.

I have learned a real leadership in public speaking through the process of organizing this event. I have also learned that teamwork is one of the main factors for the success. We worked together closely and always discussed for final decision in any issue for example when we wanted to select topic for our training and sharing that that time we spent a lot of time on it.

During the Event

- by KIM Kotara

After most of the tickets were sold at a day before the event, we were so happy. In the meanwhile, we were a bit worried about spaces for our participants because it is a limited for a number of people.

On the other hand, we were also worried about the direction of the place. Most people were calling to ask where the place was and how they could reach this place. Fear popped up in my mind. What happened if they could not find the place and decided to go back home? Therefore, we made our best effort to talk to individual participants about the direction in the first place.

At the early of the day before event started, two participants came at around 7 a.m., one hour before event. We were so happy to see their presence, and it was signalized that here was the starting point of the day for my friends and I.

As time flied, our participants came along with their friends one after another, and some were still calling to ask where the place was. At that point, we did start our real work. Everybody was so busy on the early morning.  Teammates were talking on phone, preparing the space, welcoming people, registration name, taking photos and telling people direction.

When the time came, we began our course by giving them a chance to introduce themselves so that they could know each other. At the same time, we tried to observe how much the participants were interested in the topics.

After seeing their activeness during the event, I could feel that we brought the right people to the right groups. I would say we did make a good discussion. We paid much attention on what youth wanted to know within this present time.

On the other hand, boredom might be a feeling that a participant can feel when they join the event, and they do not know any people before, so our strategy was giving some spare time for them to eat and relax. We even added up two games to the event. We believed that they could build up their network when they worked together on those games. I was able to see their curiosity on volunteer work and communicating with each other.

It was an important goal for our event as well. It was not all about sharing experience and lessons from the guest but also a chance to know each other. They looked like friends after the morning session has gone.

During the training, participants can learn about the best experience of the guest speakers, get to know people around by sharing and learning different skills. In addition, it also gives the chance for them to get to know and be ready to apply for South East Asia Life Matters Course 2013 in Vietnam.

Personally, I would like to thank LMC that rendered valuable experience to me as a volunteer and course’s participant, which give me the image what a volunteer should do and what the audience needs. Moreover, I become flexible to every situation at this moment. Many things happen unexpectedly to our arranged schedule, so my friends and I work to facilitate in accordance with the real situation. We succeed in making a good cooperation between participants, organizers and volunteers.

After the event

- by Song Kimsour

It was a small event, but I feel that there are million indescribable feeling. I am glad to fulfill my mission for LMC. I am proud of my achievement even though some people think that it is just a little one. However, I could learn and experience from it—that is what I feel satisfied with. I found three main experiences I have leant.

First thing is that I know how to organize workshop—small workshop as I did; it contains less than one hundred people. It is far different being a volunteer from being an organizer. Being an organizer, I have more tasks to do and think of.

Second, I know how to be flexible. For example, on that day, since we were waiting for the LCD projector, we had to delay our time. At that moment, we were afraid of dealing with this situation. Nevertheless, we came up with the idea on playing game with the participants, aiming to extend the time and make fun with them. It was really hard for us because we were afraid that the participants would get bored if we still had no other courses to lecture them.

Last, I know how important teamwork is. To illustrate, my team and I had to work and discuss with each other all the time in order to make our workshop go smoothly and successfully. The result was quite exceptional; we did it, and it would be our first unexpected experience in life.


I would like to express all of my thankfulness to all my beloved participants, beloved teammates, respectful guests, and talented performers who spent their priceless time joining this workshop. Moreover, I also would like to thank to SmallWorld, which gave us a very nice place; I did appreciate that.

Last but not least, I want to say that I had no regret a moment in life since I knew that I just do what I really want to. I am ready for the upcoming workshop. We do hope to see everybody again very soon.

We, LMC 2012 participants, really believe that this course has given some ideas about what life is and generated other knowledge which will be helpful in each participants’ life.

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