3 questions with 3 bloggers from 3 countries in 3 minutes

BlogFest Asia 2012 gathers about 200 bloggers and technologists from all around the world, especially Asia for an annual meeting on new emerging technology: blog and social media. First held in Siem Reap, land of Cambodia’s famous temple Angkor Wat, this four-day festival brings a region closer by sharing, and discussing on any particular topic and person. Also, this festival inspires young people to write and share ideas. Simply say, it pushes them in daring to speak out and raising their mind and voices by using blog.

In the spirit of sharing, CambodiaCircles.com takes a deep look out for some of famous bloggers who join this year BlogFest in Cambodia. You, reader, spend only 3 minutes to know 3 different bloggers from different countries and blog types. Let them share their points of view in blogging and their voices to Cambodian who someday want to be one of bloggers.

Jeremiah Foo, a Malaysian blogger, multimedia blog

Jeremiah Foo, Malaysian blogger, multimedia blog. / Photo by Rithy Lomor Pich (Yoki Coco) Jeremiah started his personal blog in 1997 and got first domain in 2002. His blog has been with multimedia since start. He is now a director of Convergent Media Program of Shantou University, Malaysia.

Why and What to blog?

“My blog talks about everything like politic, traveling, and the things happening around us. I use this blog because I think it is convincing, and it makes me different from others. I think I need to put something in the content that other bloggers do not have. I must do something different from other people. I also offer things in my blog that people never get. I travel a lot, and I shoot pictures and video so it just happens in that way. It is natural for me to do all those ways.

I do not have any other aim to do a blog; I just do it for fun. If you do not have inner interest in doing it, it is hard for you to continue updating regularly. For example, if you were asked to create a blog for your IT class that you yourself do not want to do so, you would do it only to get score. So once the class done, you may not continue that activity.”

Next Plan

“I have no specific plan of what I will do with my blog and maybe just do more and better. To me, blog is about what your real life is, so basically, I will try to write more about my life and share what I have experienced to the others.”

Words to current bloggers and future bloggers

“I think young people should read and watch as much as they can. We cannot learn only by listening, but doing. If someone asked me why I have to blog, I would reply, ‘Do not blog’. If you do not have the reason to blog, then you do not have to blog. Simply says, you must be your reason to blog.”

Preetam Rai, an Indian-Japanese blogger, writing blog

Preetam Rai, Indian-Japanese blogger, writing blog. / Photo by Rithy Lomor Pich (Yoki Coco)Preetam owns many blogs until he cannot remember how many. He got employed because of his blog. He is now an Apple distinguished Educator.

Why and What to blog?

“I blog about travel and education. I mean travel is like a kind of education, and I blog about this because I can do it while I am traveling. I used to travel a lot, and still travel a lot. When I am travelling to any new country, I want to meet the local people, and I want to go to a local school and talk to some people out there. If I e-mail to someone like school director without my blog’s link, they will have no idea who I am and will ignore. Nonetheless, now I have blogs, all the time during my traveling, I always send them an e-mail that include my blog link, so that they can get some ideas like who I am and what I am doing.

Blog is like your best resume. This is one of main angles and reasons why I start to blog. Moreover, my day job as teacher, I train teacher. Thus blog is a useful tool to inspire them. My blog is a collection of inspired stories. One of my aims in life is showing other parts of the world to the public, especially my students. I try to open their minds. Many people around the world are racism. For example, with their points of view about Cambodia of being a warring country, they may think Cambodia is bad in this or that way. Actually, it is not if you experience it. Thus I am writing what I see about Cambodia on my blog, hoping to change their perspectives.  I believe I am a voice to this world.”

Next Plan

“I have so many plans. My entire next plan is to promote blog, and I will run a BarCamp event in Singapore, and then will go to Mongolia. It is my big project.”

Words to current bloggers and future bloggers

“Do not worry about how many people read your blog; it does not matter. Maybe nobody reads your blog, but it is okay. It is like a diary. You write what you think and feel. Whatever you do, you can write. Writing a blog, thinking of something to write, is a good practice. It is like doing a meditation. As you write, you will get better. Just keep writing.”

John Weeks, an American Blogger, a comic blog

John Weeks, American blogger, comic blog. / Photo by Rithy Lomor Pich (Yoki Coco)John does not remember when he could sing, but he can sing so can draw comic. His comic is about Mr. Quick’s life who always does things quickly by ‘Dot Dot Dot’. His comic book, Mr. Quick, has been published both in Khmer and English. He is now a Media consultant.

Why and What to blog?

“It is people’s choice to decide on what they blog about. Some people express themselves by web photos. They capture their moment to express how they feel. For me, my blog is about comic. I am a boss of small stories; I can change those stories by drawing comic to express opinion, a simple opinion like people should not be rude or any mistake I have met. Writing essay is another thing that I call it a long-complex story. Comic does help to illustrate opinion. Comic blog is my space to speak out those words.”

Next Plan

“Since the first start, I have never imagined to get famous out of it, and even though my book got published, I have not earned any profit from it. I just do what I want. That is why I am thinking which schedule I should follow now. Doing one per week or keep it daily. Moreover, I am promoting my Mr.Quick as a big-cut-paper comic to travel around the world. Mr. Quick represents me.”

Words to current bloggers and future bloggers

“It is fun to start. Blog is a great place to express opinion and reduce stress because you blog about yourself. More importantly, blogging with comic, you will never spend much time drawing it. Just ‘Dot Dot Dot’ in 5 minutes to get it ready. You have just done your job.”

Article by: RITHY Lomor Pich & Samreth Meta
E-mail: lomorpich.r@gmail.com & sam_meta@yahoo.com
Rithy Lomor Pich blogs at www.yokicoco.com
Photo by Rithy Lomor Pich
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