"First Love" failed to prove the world is pinkie

RGB production has made its brand known with the first-ever-produced movie called First Love. As the contributors call, First Love is considered to be ‘the most romantic and funny movie of the year 2012’. So, words of mouth brought me to stand in line at Cineplex Cinemas ticket stance. First Love has been shown on the big screen since 14th February, 2012. Obviously it is an intention to conjure the world is so pinkie! Yet, it has proved itself to be a letdown.

First Love screening posterFirst Love features a love life of a beautiful lady Mouy (Huy Chanreachney), from a half-Chinese-blood family, dreamt of a handsome and brave guy whom she actually meets on her way to work when his huge motorbike crashed her car from behind. The male protagonist John (Oun Sothea) plays a role as a rich handsome abroad-architecture graduate whose interest has taken over driving huge racing motorbike. Then, movie goes on and on how fate brings this young couple together. And it seemed like to go on forever, until at a certain scene when the movie is supposed to reach its peak --- the challenge for the couple to get over --- were they able to fight for their love? Of course, as predictable as it sounds, they were.

Surrounded by many young audiences, I was no doubt on a high expectation to have some good-belly laugh with these people. The first scene of the movie caught me by surprise, though. As already mentioned, the couple first met as having an accident on the street as John’s big motor crashed Mouy’s car. Noticeably, the car driver was not wearing the seatbelt, and another thing is that the motor’s driver was not wearing his helmet properly. To my surprise, the audiences cracked up by the scene. So, is that people new taste in amusement?

Audience waiting in front of the cinema for the movie to be screenedThe movie is said to portrait the real situation in society. Ok, it might be true that young Cambodian nowadays can possess all those up-to-date materials such as IPhone and modern big car. They spend most of their time with fancy and luxurious stuffs. They go clubbing as their leisure activity. If we ever talk about the real situation in Cambodian society, what comes first to your mind: Poverty, corruption, homelessness or luxurious life? If seeing a poor woman cradling month-old infant on her waist and begging for money along the street is not a real situation, then nothing is more real than that!

One thing many critics have been talking about Cambodian film is the unnatural vocalizing script of the actors/actresses. Not only does it make the performers themselves looked awkward, but also it makes the whole film appear to be unrealistic. In term of economic reason, money should not have been invested on such unessential miscellaneous expenses (that could have been used to train actors/actresses to perform in a companion with their voice.)

However, there is no denial to the good quality of the movie. I am not an expert in film production nor do I have any slightest idea about it, but when a motion-picture sets your eyes on a relaxing mode, its quality is certainly not that bad. This is a significant sign of the improvement in Cambodian film industry. Though, First Love is the first outcome of RGB production, its first time lending its hands on producing a movie is virtually an encouragement in bringing newness, in term of film quality, to meet the audience’s basic demand. Optimistically, a better achievement will be followed up next.

Article by: Vann Chanvetey
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