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Sky of Love

Sky of Love posterIf love is like the sky, it will be very big and everywhere we go. To see the sky, all we need to do is to look up, and all we need to do to feel love is to use our heart. Love will be glorious on the cloudless blue sky, but what happens when the sky fades to gray? “Sky of Love”, or “Koizora” in Japanese is deemed to be a story with a combination of happiness and romance as well as tear and separation, just like the sky undergoing changes. The movie is based on a true story of a Japanese girl, Mika, the lead actress in the movie, who is an innocent teenage high school girl. She does not know what love is until she meets Hiro, the main actor. They start going out despite Hiro’s strange appearance – his hair is completely white. Things just do not proceed as they have expected. Mika is threatened by Hiro’s ex-girlfriend and raped by a group of gang, and she gets pregnant, yet those are unable to set them apart. The love they have is getting stronger from those obstacles, and they know it. Nevertheless, what Mika does not know is that Hiro will have to leave her one day; not because he wants to but because he has to. I am not going to spoil the movie here so that you can find out the reason by yourself.

I, personally, really like the movie. It is probably my most favorite love movie of all time. The location where the movie was produced is peacefully beautiful. Additionally, the plots of the movie touch the deepest part of my heart. It is sadly romantic and surprisingly unexpected. I still remember when I watched it the first time. It broke my heart by how the story ended and how Mika and Hiro had to be parted. Add this to your movie list, and if you have two hours to spare, buy popcorn and some snacks to enjoy watching this movie.

Article by: Nhem Piseth

The Notebook

The Note Book posterIt was not a comedy mixed story. It was an all-time romantic story. Nicholas Sparks introduced a story by showing a 80 year-old man trying to get closer to an old woman in the same nursery home and telling her a love story, which is set at the end of the World War II. It portrayed the daily life of the people as well as their lifestyles along with the most important part of the story, the love between a daughter of a rich family (Allie) and an indigent guy  (Noah). As their love grew deeper and sweeter, there were obstacles appeared; Noah was so poor, and Allie’s parents wanted to marry Allie off to a better guy.

They were hurt, they were separated both coercively and voluntarily, yet love still finds it way back to them and drives them close. Surprisingly, it turned out that the old man who retold the story was Noah, and the old woman was Allie. Because of Alzheimer disease, Allie lost her memory, so Noah tried to remind her about their love again and again. Though momentarily recovering her past memory, Allie just returned to the poor state afterwards.

The most romantic and favorite part of the story was when Noah tried to break into the room where Allie were kept, and Allie finally backed up her past memory at the nearly end of her life. In the end, they both died in their holding hands and staying close to each other.

Article by: Sok Samphoas Phalyka

Leap Year

The Leap Year posterLeap Year is yet another romantic-comedy movie starred by Amy Adams, Matthew Goode and Adam Scott. Who ever thought of travelling across continents to make a confession to their boyfriends on leap day is a wise idea? Oh well, Anna (Amy Adams) does. She believes in an Irish tradition that women are permitted to propose to a man on lead day, February 29th. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere on this alienated Ireland, Anna with her fancy suitcase and a pair of ridiculous high-heeled shoes cannot get any luckier than meeting a handsome-irritated-disagreeable pub owner Declan (Matthew Goode) ,who sometimes drives cab for extra wage to save his kitchen from creditors. Obviously, you get some good-belly laughs at her journey across Ireland before reaching her rich boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) in Dublin.

Despite of the fact that the movie is hilarious, it reflects how women are supposed to be and to live their lives. The journey just happens to get Anna to discover who she really is and what kind of life she wants to live --- in a sophisticated high-class environment or a simple-uncomplicated way of life. Last but not least, it is one of the most romantic movies ever produced! Not many women have the guts to take things up to the next level, travelling across continent to make a proposal to a man. All in all, surprisingly, the year of Dragon 2012 happens to be another leap year! Getting inspired by the movie, you might think of the unwise idea. Nevertheless, the Irish tradition says it is ok!

Article by: Vann Chanvetey


Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince posterCoffee Prince is the most enjoyable Korean Drama I have ever watched so far. Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun-hye)  plays the main actress with Choi Han Gyeol (Gong Yoo), the actor. I have never seen any other great couple like the one in this movie.

The story starts when Choi Han Gyeol’s grandma forces him, Choi Han Gyeol, to run a coffee shop in exchange for further financial support for him to return to US, where he dreams to work as a toy designer. Go Eun Chan is a tomboy. She was not born to be boyish, but the loss of her father at the age of 16 forced her to disguise herself to take up as many jobs as she can to support her mom and sister. She got fired from many work places at the same time. Luckily, she met Choi Han Gyeol, who also got confused by her look. He hired her for the first time to be his lover to avoid many blind dates arranged by his grandma. As soon as the coffee shop starts running, she was admitted to work there under the condition that she is a waiter, not waitress. The twisted love occurs when Choi Han Gyeol follows his cousin’s former girlfriend, a famous artist, Han Yoo Joo. Han Yoo Joo was being in an on and off relationship with Han Seong. Though knowing this, Choi Han Gyeol still tries his chance. The love of this couple becomes even more complicated when Han Seong realizes Go Eun Chan is a girl, and he has a feeling on her; just when Choi Han Gyeol starts to like Go Eun Chan too though confusing her as a boy. He was going through a hard feeling that he is homosexual. While he is supposed to be happy as knowing that Go Eun Chan is a girl, he gets very upset and even refuses to see Go Eun Chan as well as dismisses her from the job at the coffee shop. It is another twist for the story, isn’t it? Though it does not seem right for the couple, they finally met at the end of the story.

The scene I like the most is when Choi Han Gyeol turned his car back just to kiss Go Eun Chan by confessing he loves her though not knowing she is a girl. It is so touching for those with broken hearts, especially a phrase when Go Eun Chan said to Choi Han Gyeol “I love you much, no! Not much, but so much”. Go Eun Chan later managed to go to US to pursue her coffee making skill. One year later, she came back with no more boyish look, but a lovely lady. They became the owner of the “Coffee Prince” shop at the end.

Article by: CHAN Muyhong

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