KhmerTalks coming back this year

In June 2011, the first KhmerTalks event in Cambodia was hosted by Thul Rithy with the support from some of his friends who mostly are graduated students from the Department of Media and Communication (DMC). “KhmerTalks is a sharing of ideas presented in the Khmer language by Khmer scholars, thinkers, achievers, and students of all ages and generations,” Thul Rithy told the CambodiaCircles reporter, adding that one of the foremost reasons of creating the event is to bring talented speakers to share experience with Cambodian youth.

Opening remark of the KhmerTalks event 2011 “Most of inspiring and fruitful videos on the internet are mostly conducted in English, so my friends and I decided to host this event to show that Cambodian youth also have a lot of experiences to share with their people and we should use our language in presenting in order to preserve our identity,” said an event organizer Thul Rithy.

Thul Rithy said that last year, there were some 200 participants who attended the event and there were 13 speakers from different background including blogger, film maker, and businessman. He said that he expected to get more than 200 participants this year, and 14 speakers were already confirmed their presence.

He encouraged Cambodian youth to spend their weekend joining the event as they will gain new knowledge, get to know potential people, and share their knowledge with other youth.

A speaker presenting his topic on stage during the KhmerTalks event 2011 at Zaman University The event is sill opened for registration. Reserve your sit for the upcoming KhmerTalks event on March 31st 2012 at Zaman University (ZU). Zaman University is located on street 315, No: 8, Boeng Kok 1, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  

You register for the event by just filling the form at the end of the article.

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