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  • A shared story from Him Thideth, a Cambodian studying Film and Video making in South Korea

    My name is Him Thideth and I am studying in Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea on a scholarship program from Pioneer Circuit, Inc. The major is Film and Video making. Living abroad for the first time, especially in Korea, is not that such a difficult ...  more
  • A shared story from Tor Kimsy, a Cambodian Mathematics student in the United States

    My name is Tor Kimsy. I am currently a freshman majoring Mathematics at Manhattan College, New York. I graduated from 10 January High School, Siem Reap, in 2010. On August 13 2011, I started my first big journey to the United States. Having never been ou...  more
  • Some tips for scholarship seekers

    The below tips were sent by SEOURN Vathana who is now pursuing his bachalor degree in Romania. Thank you so much Vathana for sharing your personal experiences with us.
    Before applying for any scholarship, do check the language of instruction of prog...
  • A shared story from Romania

    Before I decided to write this letter, there was a little irresistible distraction coming to my mind and putting myself through two realizations: my study in Romania and self-development. And that prompted me to think of a duty that I have almost forgotte...  more
  • Valentine's Day in France versus Cambodia

    "Valentine's Day” When people, especially youth, hear about this special day, I am pretty sure that most of them focus much more on expressing love between lovers or couples rather than friendship. In my viewpoint, as a Cambodian girl, Valentine'...
  • Tang Khyhay: My experiences studying in Korea

    When I mention about Korea, what first comes to your mind? Immediately, you would say Korean pop stars. It’s a typical wave of Korean popularity on Southeast Asian nations. No doubt are my ASEAN classmates obsessing with Korean songs that they would never...  more