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  • Have you ever loved me?

    Have you ever loved someone? Some say love is about all two people. However, what will happen to love if there are three people? The answer will largely depend on how you handle the situation. Or you may find the answer in a new Cambodian movie titled “Ha...  more
  • Reporters using blogs to give impressions on Siem Reap

    Some CambodiaCircles reporters were invited to attend a BlogFest Asia 2012 which was held in Siem Reap.
    Every participant was required to write a blog post on the subject "My Impressions of Siem Reap".
    Below are blog posts written by our reporters during...  more
  • Cambodian unity around King Father Norodom Sihanouk death

    The front yard of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh city has been commonly known as a place where people come and visit during their free time. However, ever after the death of His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk, it has become a place for people to mou...  more
  • Mee Nhom - Not Thailand, in Cambodia now

    Thai foods are famous for its super spicy taste. You can almost feel the spiciness by just seeing red chilly in the foods. Thai foods are also famous in Cambodia. Tong Yam Gung and Som Tam, famously known as spicy papaya salad, are some examples of it. Ho...  more
  • Doctor asks for more blood donation

    “More Blood, More Lives” is the slogan that is used in the celebration of blood donation day in Cambodia this year. 14th June marks a World Blood Donor Day, which is aimed to encourage and get volunteers to donate blood. Moreover, it is also a day celebra...  more
  • reporters presenting in Nerd Night Phnom Penh

    It is another free entrance sharing session that might be the only event you could find in Cambodia in term of the presentation platform. On 16th July, 2012, three CambodiaCircles writers got an invitation to present their new launching magazine entitled ...  more
  • If we could have a decent living

    It was November last year, when Cambodia held its first ever Fashion-Week in Phnom Penh. Cambodia was targeted by world famous fashion designer to bring fashion week, latest collection, runways-show to the elites—the wealthiest of the wealthy. It has been...  more
  • Contemporary dance to attract Cambodians

    Drawing on one hand and holding the ink on the other hand, one Sahasamai dancer is trying to dance to paint a picture with his emotion. This kind of dancing performance may look unfamiliar because of its different styles. Sahasamai, or contemporary dance,...  more
  • Despite of rating system, it's people's choice

    As foreign movies invade local cinemas, awareness of movie lovers in Cambodia toward rating system is still at ground-level.
  • Khmer Street Food: Breakfast

    '6-Popular-Breakfast-in-Town' /
    Perhaps, you have never noticed things you have never tried or might not try at all. If you were a traveller, your trip would be incomplete without having tested street food. Street food is ready-to-eat food. Anywhere you g...  more