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  • Tang Khyhay: My experiences studying in Korea

    When I mention about Korea, what first comes to your mind? Immediately, you would say Korean pop stars. It’s a typical wave of Korean popularity on Southeast Asian nations. No doubt are my ASEAN classmates obsessing with Korean songs that they would never...  more
  • The other side of Neang Sovathana's life

    She is rather known as a know-all person. Asked anything, from social issues to love problems, she might just give you a surprising answer. Her name is Neang Sovathana, or known as DJ Nana. She is such an inspiring individual; she snatches her life from t...  more
  • Pheng Saochheng: Dreams become true

    As defined by an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, success means doing the best we can with what we have. In this week story ‘behind the success’, a CambodiaCircles reporter wrote about a young man who has committed to strugg...  more
  • Photo exhibition for charity

    Some 65 amateur photographers from different backgrounds have come together and selected 123 of their best pictures to show in the photo exhibition which was primarily aimed at creating the charity event to help Cambodians affected by this year’s flood.
  • Raising fund for the victims, raising awareness for all

    “Join with us to help our country” This is a slogan printed on the posters, and T-Shirts wore by around 40 Cambodian youths walking around Diamond Island Convention Center, Koh Pich on 30th last month. Group of 5 to 8 of them was holding two white boxes w...  more
  • Cambodia Floods - Challenges and Solutions

    The heavy rain and overflow from the Mekong River in August has caused the most serious flood ever seen in Cambodia within a decade. The disaster damaged not only the infrastructure but also the agriculture, which is the main sector for the Cambodian econ...  more
  • Store your data in the cloud using Dropbox

    There are many ways provided by various companies to help you store your data online. In this article, I would like to share with you the Dropbox service I have been using and found very useful.
  • Organic food increasingly in demand among Cambodians

    Shelves of packages of organic rice and a wide range of other packaged products are put on a long table; next to it sits another square table with many kinds of vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, onions, carrots, broccolis, cabbages, cauliflowers...
  • Kheang Sathaboramana – a successful female debater

    As a country representative to join the international debating competition held in Taiwan recently, Kheang Sathaboramana has brought the championship back to the country with other two members in the team. Talking to a CambodiaCircles reporter a few days ...  more
  • Standard recognition sign alone is not enough

    At eight o’clock in the morning, 4 hours after Ly Ly food industry starts that day production, director Keo Mom gathers and tells her assistant team to be well-prepared for something. Staffs from Institute of Standard of Cambodia (ISC), instituti...