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  • Disabled youth enabled with help

    People were applauding and cheering to welcome the starting of a comedy show. Shouting loudly, a slender brown skin boy appears in the spotlight on the stage in his girlie Khmer traditional clothes. The noise of laughing explodes from the audience as the ...  more
  • Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes

    Starting from early morning, the participants have been divided into 3 groups: Red, Green and Yellow groups. Each group has to run or walk and collect the rubbish from the starting point nearby Naga World to the ending point nearby Wat Phnom.
  • Cambodian users go to the downside of Facebook

    Cambodian might be one of the most active groups in Facebook among world-wide users. Up to now, there are 608 560 Facebook users in Cambodia, which ranks the country in number 95 in the Facebook statistics by Country according to, a globa...  more
  • Growing through art

    “Children of the countryside” is the theme of an exhibition, reflecting the common lifestyle and expression of young kids in rural areas. The exhibition has been held at Romeet Gallery throughout August. These art works were painted by a 19-year-old artis...  more
  • If we could have a decent living

    It was November last year, when Cambodia held its first ever Fashion-Week in Phnom Penh. Cambodia was targeted by world famous fashion designer to bring fashion week, latest collection, runways-show to the elites—the wealthiest of the wealthy. It has been...  more
  • Contemporary dance to attract Cambodians

    Drawing on one hand and holding the ink on the other hand, one Sahasamai dancer is trying to dance to paint a picture with his emotion. This kind of dancing performance may look unfamiliar because of its different styles. Sahasamai, or contemporary dance,...  more
  • New way of cheating - LINE and WhatsApp

    If you were to drop in on most Cambodian high school these days, especially in the city, what would you see? Mobile phones. Students and mobile phones are almost the combination. Virtually, everyone has one, not only mobile phone but also Smartphone, whic...  more
  • Sorbey, a shoe production training destination

    Because unemployment has been a problem in the kingdom, a vocational course has been designed to train a small group of youth in Cambodia to pursue their careers by means of unofficial education. To help reduce labor abuse and unemployed youth, Sorbey is ...  more
  • Sthapatyakam, a newly launched magazine featuring Cambodian architecture

    Angkor Wat Temple, one of the world wonders, is a unique architecture that symbolizes Cambodia. Millions of tourists have visited Cambodia to experience this wonderful legacy. Because of how amazing the Cambodian architecture is, the students of the Depar...  more
  • Talent Source Team helps youth to seek talent

    How do you feel when you graduated without knowing your real talent? It is important to know what our talent is in order to apply it to the right job and fit the work we do. Students may focus only on theory in class, but they forget to seek the real prac...  more