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  • New Zealand Education & Immigration Fair 2012

    New Zealand Education & Immigration Fair 2012 was organized at Koh Pich Island on Saturday June 23th by SM Global New Zealand Limited. This event is under the purpose of giving students consultation together with 10 differences schools and Universities, a...  more
  • Startup Weekend Cambodia - The event of chance

    In today’s market, running a company or an institution without having a website seemed like you are at least one step behind your competitors. Website becomes one of the most powerful means for people to promote their business and keep their clients infor...  more
  • Despite of rating system, it's people's choice

    As foreign movies invade local cinemas, awareness of movie lovers in Cambodia toward rating system is still at ground-level.
  • Khmer Street Food: Breakfast

    '6-Popular-Breakfast-in-Town' /
    Perhaps, you have never noticed things you have never tried or might not try at all. If you were a traveller, your trip would be incomplete without having tested street food. Street food is ready-to-eat food. Anywhere you g...  more
  • Building business network through E-biz Tuesday

    Marketing your business is not just about going and spending dollars on multimedia to make your products known and sold sustainably. There is another cost-saving but more than effective platform for business visionaries to get their products and themselve...  more
  • Serei Mongkul – More than just a business

    Wedding may be the most important event for couple, so they have to try hard to make it as a perfect one. There are many companies that provide services during the wedding time for people who get married to have a perfect wedding party. Serei Mongkul is o...  more
  • A shared story from Him Thideth, a Cambodian studying Film and Video making in South Korea

    My name is Him Thideth and I am studying in Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea on a scholarship program from Pioneer Circuit, Inc. The major is Film and Video making. Living abroad for the first time, especially in Korea, is not that such a difficult ...  more
  • Knowledge sharing seminar on Cambodian's securities market

    When securities market, simply known as stock market, was first introduced to Cambodia, the publics seem to raise many questions about what stock market really is. Some of the answers may be found during a seminar organized by Enrich under the topic “Unde...  more
  • Major and Career Fair 2012

    Some high school students may find it difficult to decide on which majors they should choose to continue their study in university. More importantly, the students do not really know how to prepare for scholarship after graduating from high school. However...  more
  • Unsung Women in Labor Movement

    Most Cambodian would avoid talking about corruption, land concession or human rights because they feel they would end up being guilty of talking so. However, to the kingdom surprise, there was an open discussion conducted recently near Universal Manufactu...  more