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  • Training course in animal feed production gives the method of successful pigs raising for scale enterprises

    Animal feed business is one of the popular agriculture jobs for some family scale enterprises in Cambodia. This has made animal feed product one of the important components for those family scale enterprises to raise their pigs, yet there are not enough s...  more
  • A shared story from Tor Kimsy, a Cambodian Mathematics student in the United States

    My name is Tor Kimsy. I am currently a freshman majoring Mathematics at Manhattan College, New York. I graduated from 10 January High School, Siem Reap, in 2010. On August 13 2011, I started my first big journey to the United States. Having never been ou...  more
  • reporters in the 38th Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP)

    Last year, three reporters attended the 38th Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP).
    In this article, they write about the program, how they passed, and what they have learned from the program.
  • Learning by reading - Library Renovation Project

    “Our mission is to have education by choice not by chance,” said So Pha Ny, the leader and volunteer in Khmer for Khmer Group (K4K). This is a volunteer group that works with youth team for social activities: child education, culture, and livelihood.
  • A Cambodian student gives her perspective on 'psychology major' in the country

    Sambath Soksovankessor, well-known by her nickname Catherine, is a 17-year-old psychology freshman at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). Catherine is not only a psychology student, but she is also a presenter for LOY9 TV magazine created by BBC Media ...  more
  • Transportation fee hits new year celebration

    As many city dwellers leave for their hometowns during national holidays, the transportation fee usually jumped up. Khmer New Year is one of the Cambodian national holidays, and this year the transportation fee jumped whopping 40% or up to 50% higher than...  more
  • Educating about road safety in Cambodia through painting exhibition

    CHO is a campaign series to raise the awareness and to remind both drivers and riders to be very protective and careful while traveling. The event was organized at Equinox Bar and Gallery (downstairs) on 13th May. ‘CHO’ means in Khmer ‘walk/go’.
  • Youths with the love of Khmer film in the past

    “I want youth to know about our Khmer film during 1960s and 1970s,” said Rin Chhoumvirak, a leader of a film research group called Preah Sorya. While many people show no interest in Cambodian old films, a group of young researchers has been trying hard to...  more
  • 'Small World' as a business starting point

    What come to your mind when you hear the word “Small World”? Exactly, it is one among other business institutions operating in Cambodia.
    According to Thul Rithy, a co-founder of Small World, Small World was established in the late 2011. Run by Cambodian p...  more
  • LIVE BLOGGING: IRI to release December 2011 survey of Cambodian public opinion

    To readers:
    Tomorrow, the International Republican Institute (IRI) will present results from its recent survey of Cambodian public opinion. The reporters were invited, so tomorrow, we'll do a LIVEBLOGGING from the e...  more