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  • Writing tips from a Cambodian author and blogger Soung Mak

    "At first, I was a typical enthusiastic reader, and I praised our senior authors for their talent in writing," said Sound Mak, a Cambodian author and blogger. Mak's profile and achievements have been featured in the previous article titled "Cambodian auth...  more
  • Dog meat eating in Cambodia

    How do you feel when seeing some people eating dog meat? Some people believe it is disgusting or inappropriate to eat this kind of meat, yet a small number of people think it is delicious and spend less money to eat this. Dog meat is believed to have medi...  more
  • JCI Cambodia Debating Championship 2012

    JCI Cambodia Debating Championship once again blew audiences’ mind away on Saturday, May 5th 2012 at Diamond Island. It was conducted bigger, more potent, and far more passionate for the international battle.
  • Youth exchange program--S.E.A Life Matter Course

    On early April 2012, there was an ASEAN Summit in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh. Now from April 27 to May 03, 2012, there is another one called S.E.A Life Matter Course in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville. At this time, it is not a summit among current leaders, but futur...  more
  • Cambodian Space Project brings Cambodian songs in the past to the international stage

    It is not common to see foreigners playing Khmer classical music that was originally sung by Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea. Cambodian Space Project is one among those few bands that features foreigners performing Khmer classical music.
  • Made in Cambodia – A new world record of most people dancing Madison

    On June 18, 2011, a new world record with the great number of people dancing Madison was made in Feucherolles, France. There were 459 participants setting a world record for the biggest Madison dance at one place. “But today Loy9, in Cambodia 1,100 youths...  more
  • 'Career Corner 2' helps youths preparing for their dream jobs

    ‘Career Corner’ is an event that is aimed at helping youths to expand their knowledge on business and clarify their job prospective. The second Career Corner or 'Career Corner 2' was organized by JCI Chaktomuk on April 28 2012 at American Intercon Institute (Aii).
  • Koh Dach mango jam: A Cambodian new taste sweet

    What is the main Cambodian dish for all times? Ones must say it is ‘Prohok’. It is indeed true about Cambodian most famous dish. However, the side dish like Mango Jam or rather be addressed as a Cambodian sweet has been recognized by most food lovers in t...  more
  • A girl with innovative ideas of dancing

    “Soben” or dream in English is the theme of one of contemporary dances composed and performed by Sok Sokhan at Khmer Art Theather in Takmao, Cambodia. It is about an imaginary romantic love of a woman, who dreams for a complete and perfect love, yet it en...  more
  • KhmerTalks uses Khmer language to spread more ideas to Khmer people

    Many wonderful conferences and workshops hosted in Cambodia have been using English as a mean to communicate with their participants. This made some people who do not know much about the language could not catch on fruitful information in the events. Khme...  more