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  • Visiting Long Neck Village gives a second thought about culture in today society

    Message from the writer>>>
    This article covers an interesting story of my entire time spent in Thailand as New Year holiday exploration. I traveled to some places in Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand before heading back to Bangkok city. Since Thai...  more
  • Lakhon Bassac integrating with contemporary art to raise awareness about election

    “Same things are considered as the enemy of the audiences”, said Sek Savuth a spot producer and a Lakhon Bassac lecturer at the Secondary School of Fine Arts. “Audiences just want to see new products without caring how hard we [the producers] try in order...  more
  • Time to fine tune Cambodian film with Oscar

    Have you ever watched or even heard your parents tell you about the following films: Phkar Rik Phkar Rouy, Peous Keng Kang, Sobasith, Orn Euy Srey Orn, and Sayon Toc Yom? These are just a few films besides hundreds of other films from the 1960s. During th...  more
  • Same Same But Different -- How four countries celebrate their New Year?

    New Year Day in Theravada Buddhist areas of Southeast Asia has been named differently in each country. It is called Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, Songkran in Thailand, Pbeemai in Laos, and Thingyan in Myanmar.
  • Cambodian author claim 'Never a Day without a Line'

    Death in Aranh, Boyfriend, Death Puzzle, Love without Confession and Dragon Scales on Night Sky. These are the accomplishments of the 26-year-old Soung Mak, who also published his works on his blog ( before publishing into ...  more
  • Experiencing Information Cambodia

    It was almost 6 p.m. when I got a call from my editor telling me to attend an event at Park Café Calmette in front of Pasteur Institute. I rushed all the ways there, and I know nothing about the event, except that business people will be joining and that ...  more
  • FilmCamp Kh 2012 creates opportunities for Cambodian film lovers

    FilmCamp Kh 2012 is the very first event in Cambodia celebrated to gather Cambodian film stars, professional filmmakers, and film lovers to come and share their knowledge and experiences with regard to film industry. On March 24, 2012, some 500 participan...  more
  • LIVE BLOGGING: KhmerTalks 2012

    KhmerTalks is an amazing event that Cambodian youths can benefit by just sitting and listening to fruitful presentations by speakers with different experiences.
  • ASEAN Youth Forum 2012 Connect Youth in Individual Level

    As ASEAN leaders are getting ready for ASEAN Summit 2012, youths in the region have also been working hard to play their role as one of the main pillars for regional development by actively participating in ASEAN Youth Forum 2012, AYF.
  • LIVE BLOGGING: Journalism Award presented by Mr. Hang Chakra

    Every Friday at the Department of Media and Communiation (DMC), there is a quest comes to share experiences with DMC students from Freshman to Senior.
    Today, there is a guest lecture by Hang Chakra, a publisher & editor of Khmer Machassrok News. H...