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  • Best romantic movies in minds

    Sky of Love
    If love is like the sky, it will be very big and everywhere we go. To see the sky, all we need to do is to look up, and all we need to do to feel love is to use our heart. Love will be glorious on the cloudless blue sky, but what happens w...
  • "First Love" failed to prove the world is pinkie

    RGB production has made its brand known with the first-ever-produced movie called First Love. As the contributors call, First Love is considered to be ‘the most romantic and funny movie of the year 2012’. So, words of mouth brought me to stand in line at ...  more
  • A disabled striving for life

    It was May 22nd, 1991. As normal, Hin Bunthen got up early in the morning. Being a soldier, he needed to patrol the surrounding area. Everything was secured. Only after lunch that his boss told him to patrol another area that was a few kilometers away fro...  more
  • 14th February in three different countries

    The is pleased to present three short slideshows of photos sent by our contributors in France, Switzerland, and Cambodia.
    Though it is not a Cambodian culture, Valentine's Day has existed in Cambodia long enough that every year, some p...  more
  • Valentine's Day in France versus Cambodia

    "Valentine's Day” When people, especially youth, hear about this special day, I am pretty sure that most of them focus much more on expressing love between lovers or couples rather than friendship. In my viewpoint, as a Cambodian girl, Valentine'...
  • Social Networking Website as a Place to Start Love

    Creation of social networking websites is the starting point of everything else. Everything can be found from building network to blind date.
    Having blind date through social networking websites has become more well known from day to day. A lot more young...  more
  • "The 25-year-old girl" The best movie in 2012

    When a female child is over 18, she is not called a child or girl anymore, but adult. However, how come there is a 25-year-old girl? Is it a wrong way to address a person, or is there any reason behind? I laughed when I first heard such (a title of) a new...  more
  • Appealing Social Messaging Apps for smartphone

    In this Internet era, the world keeps shrinking to just a so-called ‘global village”. With only a smartphone having access to the Internet, a user can now keep in touch with many people more easily than ever before.
    In this review, I am going to talk abou...  more
  • Lost Loves gets people lost in their emotion

    The first time I heard of “Lost Loves”, I jumped right straight into a conclusion that ‘this must be just another love story’. Indeed, it is, and it is not! I was half correct in the love part after going to watch the film to clear my doubt. Lost Love ha...  more
  • From an ordinary staff to a travel agency manager

    The concept that a successful person needs to have a high education is very common for many people in general. However, it is not necessarily true for all situations, especially in the case of a female manager Tour Cina.
    She is both the owner and the mana...  more