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  • Cambodian Youth Art Festival comes back this year

    The celebration of Cambodian Youth Art Festival (CYAF) is back with the Cambodian art performance from 10th to 16th November in Phnom Penh.
  • 360-degree coverage of 7 days mourning to King Father

    News shocks the Nation
    King Norodom Sihanouk, the former king of Kingdom of Cambodia passed away on 15 October 2012, which also happened to be the last day of Pchum Ben this year. His 90th birthday was on this 31 October; yet, he passed away after suf...
  • Mee Nhom - Not Thailand, in Cambodia now

    Thai foods are famous for its super spicy taste. You can almost feel the spiciness by just seeing red chilly in the foods. Thai foods are also famous in Cambodia. Tong Yam Gung and Som Tam, famously known as spicy papaya salad, are some examples of it. Ho...  more
  • ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges Vs. Opportunity

    Economists and education experts see the upcoming ASEAN economic integration in 2015 as a good chance for Cambodian youth to access to a higher level of working experience, yet they notice that it will also bring great challenges for those who are not ready for it.
  • Accessing to clean water remains stage

    By switching the tap, people in some areas of Cambodia can use the clean water for drinking, though without boiling. However, there are 7 provinces among other 24 in the country in which people cannot access to clean water and are using the water from wel...  more
  • A disabled striving for life

    It was May 22nd, 1991. As normal, Hin Bunthen got up early in the morning. Being a soldier, he needed to patrol the surrounding area. Everything was secured. Only after lunch that his boss told him to patrol another area that was a few kilometers away fro...  more
  • 14th February in three different countries

    The is pleased to present three short slideshows of photos sent by our contributors in France, Switzerland, and Cambodia.
    Though it is not a Cambodian culture, Valentine's Day has existed in Cambodia long enough that every year, some p...  more
  • "The 25-year-old girl" The best movie in 2012

    When a female child is over 18, she is not called a child or girl anymore, but adult. However, how come there is a 25-year-old girl? Is it a wrong way to address a person, or is there any reason behind? I laughed when I first heard such (a title of) a new...  more
  • Cambodia Floods - Challenges and Solutions

    The heavy rain and overflow from the Mekong River in August has caused the most serious flood ever seen in Cambodia within a decade. The disaster damaged not only the infrastructure but also the agriculture, which is the main sector for the Cambodian econ...  more