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  • Time to fine tune Cambodian film with Oscar

    Have you ever watched or even heard your parents tell you about the following films: Phkar Rik Phkar Rouy, Peous Keng Kang, Sobasith, Orn Euy Srey Orn, and Sayon Toc Yom? These are just a few films besides hundreds of other films from the 1960s. During th...  more
  • FilmCamp Kh 2012 creates opportunities for Cambodian film lovers

    FilmCamp Kh 2012 is the very first event in Cambodia celebrated to gather Cambodian film stars, professional filmmakers, and film lovers to come and share their knowledge and experiences with regard to film industry. On March 24, 2012, some 500 participan...  more
  • "First Love" failed to prove the world is pinkie

    RGB production has made its brand known with the first-ever-produced movie called First Love. As the contributors call, First Love is considered to be ‘the most romantic and funny movie of the year 2012’. So, words of mouth brought me to stand in line at ...  more