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  • A shared story from Him Thideth, a Cambodian studying Film and Video making in South Korea

    My name is Him Thideth and I am studying in Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea on a scholarship program from Pioneer Circuit, Inc. The major is Film and Video making. Living abroad for the first time, especially in Korea, is not that such a difficult ...  more
  • A shared story from Tor Kimsy, a Cambodian Mathematics student in the United States

    My name is Tor Kimsy. I am currently a freshman majoring Mathematics at Manhattan College, New York. I graduated from 10 January High School, Siem Reap, in 2010. On August 13 2011, I started my first big journey to the United States. Having never been ou...  more
  • Tang Khyhay: My experiences studying in Korea

    When I mention about Korea, what first comes to your mind? Immediately, you would say Korean pop stars. It’s a typical wave of Korean popularity on Southeast Asian nations. No doubt are my ASEAN classmates obsessing with Korean songs that they would never...  more