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  • The opened page of the UN Women Congress

    Three of CambodiaCircles reporters was honored to join World Congress of Global Partnership for Young Women. They are now writing to share their experiences of what they got at the international stage.
  • Cambodian Youth Art Festival comes back this year

    The celebration of Cambodian Youth Art Festival (CYAF) is back with the Cambodian art performance from 10th to 16th November in Phnom Penh.
  • Three CambodiaCircles reporters play role as social event organizers

    CambodiaCircles reporters have joined a South East Asia Life Matters Course 2012. They later used knowledge and experience from the course to organize an event to share to other people.
  • The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program 2012: Pre-Departure Event of SSEAYP 39th

    On 9th October 2012, ‘Closing Ceremony of Pre-departure Training of Cambodian Participating Youth 2012’ for The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) was held at CJCC with the participation of H.E. Chey Chab, Secretary of State, Ministry of Edu...  more
  • Let's do it Phnom Penh 2012: It's time to clean up your homes

    Starting from early morning, the participants have been divided into 3 groups: Red, Green and Yellow groups. Each group has to run or walk and collect the rubbish from the starting point nearby Naga World to the ending point nearby Wat Phnom.
  • Knowledge sharing seminar on Cambodian's securities market

    When securities market, simply known as stock market, was first introduced to Cambodia, the publics seem to raise many questions about what stock market really is. Some of the answers may be found during a seminar organized by Enrich under the topic “Unde...  more
  • Major and Career Fair 2012

    Some high school students may find it difficult to decide on which majors they should choose to continue their study in university. More importantly, the students do not really know how to prepare for scholarship after graduating from high school. However...  more
  • Training course in animal feed production gives the method of successful pigs raising for scale enterprises

    Animal feed business is one of the popular agriculture jobs for some family scale enterprises in Cambodia. This has made animal feed product one of the important components for those family scale enterprises to raise their pigs, yet there are not enough s...  more
  • 'Career Corner 2' helps youths preparing for their dream jobs

    ‘Career Corner’ is an event that is aimed at helping youths to expand their knowledge on business and clarify their job prospective. The second Career Corner or 'Career Corner 2' was organized by JCI Chaktomuk on April 28 2012 at American Intercon Institute (Aii).
  • KhmerTalks uses Khmer language to spread more ideas to Khmer people

    Many wonderful conferences and workshops hosted in Cambodia have been using English as a mean to communicate with their participants. This made some people who do not know much about the language could not catch on fruitful information in the events. Khme...  more