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  • Have you ever loved me?

    Have you ever loved someone? Some say love is about all two people. However, what will happen to love if there are three people? The answer will largely depend on how you handle the situation. Or you may find the answer in a new Cambodian movie titled “Ha...  more
  • Youths with the love of Khmer film in the past

    “I want youth to know about our Khmer film during 1960s and 1970s,” said Rin Chhoumvirak, a leader of a film research group called Preah Sorya. While many people show no interest in Cambodian old films, a group of young researchers has been trying hard to...  more
  • Best romantic movies in minds

    Sky of Love
    If love is like the sky, it will be very big and everywhere we go. To see the sky, all we need to do is to look up, and all we need to do to feel love is to use our heart. Love will be glorious on the cloudless blue sky, but what happens w...
  • "First Love" failed to prove the world is pinkie

    RGB production has made its brand known with the first-ever-produced movie called First Love. As the contributors call, First Love is considered to be ‘the most romantic and funny movie of the year 2012’. So, words of mouth brought me to stand in line at ...  more
  • "The 25-year-old girl" The best movie in 2012

    When a female child is over 18, she is not called a child or girl anymore, but adult. However, how come there is a 25-year-old girl? Is it a wrong way to address a person, or is there any reason behind? I laughed when I first heard such (a title of) a new...  more