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  • Mee Nhom - Not Thailand, in Cambodia now

    Thai foods are famous for its super spicy taste. You can almost feel the spiciness by just seeing red chilly in the foods. Thai foods are also famous in Cambodia. Tong Yam Gung and Som Tam, famously known as spicy papaya salad, are some examples of it. Ho...  more
  • Koh Dach mango jam: A Cambodian new taste sweet

    What is the main Cambodian dish for all times? Ones must say it is ‘Prohok’. It is indeed true about Cambodian most famous dish. However, the side dish like Mango Jam or rather be addressed as a Cambodian sweet has been recognized by most food lovers in t...  more
  • KhmerTalks uses Khmer language to spread more ideas to Khmer people

    Many wonderful conferences and workshops hosted in Cambodia have been using English as a mean to communicate with their participants. This made some people who do not know much about the language could not catch on fruitful information in the events. Khme...  more
  • Lakhon Bassac integrating with contemporary art to raise awareness about election

    “Same things are considered as the enemy of the audiences”, said Sek Savuth a spot producer and a Lakhon Bassac lecturer at the Secondary School of Fine Arts. “Audiences just want to see new products without caring how hard we [the producers] try in order...  more
  • Experiencing Information Cambodia

    It was almost 6 p.m. when I got a call from my editor telling me to attend an event at Park Café Calmette in front of Pasteur Institute. I rushed all the ways there, and I know nothing about the event, except that business people will be joining and that ...  more
  • Happy Dog Pet Shop

    When you travel along Kampuchea Krom Boulevard, next to Paris Hotel, you’ll notice a house having a banner decorated with pictures of different kinds of dogs and cats with the title “Happy Dog Pet Shop”.
    As guided by the name, I thought that this is a pl...  more