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  • 'Small World' as a business starting point

    What come to your mind when you hear the word “Small World”? Exactly, it is one among other business institutions operating in Cambodia.
    According to Thul Rithy, a co-founder of Small World, Small World was established in the late 2011. Run by Cambodian p...  more
  • KhmerTalks uses Khmer language to spread more ideas to Khmer people

    Many wonderful conferences and workshops hosted in Cambodia have been using English as a mean to communicate with their participants. This made some people who do not know much about the language could not catch on fruitful information in the events. Khme...  more
  • LIVE BLOGGING: KhmerTalks 2012

    KhmerTalks is an amazing event that Cambodian youths can benefit by just sitting and listening to fruitful presentations by speakers with different experiences.
  • KhmerTalks coming back this year

    In June 2011, the first KhmerTalks event in Cambodia was hosted by Thul Rithy with the support from some of his friends who mostly are graduated students from the Department of Media and Communication (DMC).
    “KhmerTalks is a sharing of ideas presented in ...  more