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  • Animated video as a tool to educate Cambodians about malaria and dengue fever

    A little boy is sleeping without a hammock. It seems like he is in a good adventurous dream; however, it turns out to be the opposite when he has to fight with a lot of mosquitos. It is his nightmare and, it is a scene from an animated movie called “Mosqu...  more
  • Cambodian author claim 'Never a Day without a Line'

    Death in Aranh, Boyfriend, Death Puzzle, Love without Confession and Dragon Scales on Night Sky. These are the accomplishments of the 26-year-old Soung Mak, who also published his works on his blog ( before publishing into ...  more
  • A persevering life heading to success

    Born into a poor family in Tapor village, Svay Rieng province, a man to be featured in this week’s Behind the Success has struggled in his life to make his dream come true. Sok Sidon, whose parents are farmers, is now working as a reporter for the Cambodi...  more
  • From an ordinary staff to a travel agency manager

    The concept that a successful person needs to have a high education is very common for many people in general. However, it is not necessarily true for all situations, especially in the case of a female manager Tour Cina.
    She is both the owner and the mana...  more
  • The other side of Neang Sovathana's life

    She is rather known as a know-all person. Asked anything, from social issues to love problems, she might just give you a surprising answer. Her name is Neang Sovathana, or known as DJ Nana. She is such an inspiring individual; she snatches her life from t...  more
  • Pheng Saochheng: Dreams become true

    As defined by an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, success means doing the best we can with what we have. In this week story ‘behind the success’, a CambodiaCircles reporter wrote about a young man who has committed to strugg...  more
  • Kheang Sathaboramana – a successful female debater

    As a country representative to join the international debating competition held in Taiwan recently, Kheang Sathaboramana has brought the championship back to the country with other two members in the team. Talking to a CambodiaCircles reporter a few days ...  more
  • Yu Cheun - a Khorm Yut devotee

    July 5th and 6th, 1997 marked a civil war in Cambodia. Those same days also marked the emergence of a young boy who is talented in one ancient Khmer martial art – Khorm Yut.
  • Circus saved my life!

    The noise of cheerful screaming and applause burst out the stage after the wonderful performance, in one evening in Patravadi Theater in Bangkok, Thailand, which performing by a young Cambodian circus group that the story is about “A girl surviva...