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  • Dog meat eating in Cambodia

    How do you feel when seeing some people eating dog meat? Some people believe it is disgusting or inappropriate to eat this kind of meat, yet a small number of people think it is delicious and spend less money to eat this. Dog meat is believed to have medi...  more
  • Visiting Long Neck Village gives a second thought about culture in today society

    Message from the writer>>>
    This article covers an interesting story of my entire time spent in Thailand as New Year holiday exploration. I traveled to some places in Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand before heading back to Bangkok city. Since Thai...  more
  • Same Same But Different -- How four countries celebrate their New Year?

    New Year Day in Theravada Buddhist areas of Southeast Asia has been named differently in each country. It is called Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, Songkran in Thailand, Pbeemai in Laos, and Thingyan in Myanmar.