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Created by Saoyuth DARA November 4, 2011 - Category: Technology - Tags: #SEO  #Search Engine  #Search Engine Optimization 
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You always want everything you post on the internet being seen by other people. Google and other search engines have done a very great job in bringing visitors to your posts by examine whether your articles match to what people are searching. 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not rocket science, but it is complex and it is an
ongoing process that changes almost daily. There is no such thing as a permanent “fix” to
magically send you to the top of the rankings for good. But here are some of the basics to look
for when optimizing your site for the first time.

This book will help you in optimizing your post so that more visitors will be able to find your article on the internet.

This book was written by Richard V. Burckhardt, Internet Marketing Strategist.

Hope you enjoy reaing this book!

This document has been released into the public domain.