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See You in the U.S.A.

Created by Sour Piseth January 2, 2013 - Category: Society
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During a November 2009 visit to China,
President Obama issued an invitation to those
gathered for a Shanghai town hall meeting. “I
hope that many of you have the opportunity to come and
travel and visit the United States,” he said. “You will be
Every year tens of millions of people do visit the
United States. Some come to see the big cities or to
explore the nation’s vast natural beauty. Others come to
get an education, or to clinch a business deal.
The U.S. government and the American people are
glad to receive these guests. The Department of State is
working hard to speed and simplify the visa process, and
citizens of the 36 countries in the Visa Waiver Program
need not apply for a visa at all for business or pleasure
visits of 90 days or fewer.
Of all the reasons for visiting the United States, the
best one is to meet people. They might lead you up a
little-known hiking trail for an exceptional view of Austin,
Texas. They might take you to the restaurant serving
the best lobster roll in Maine. Or they might give you
a memory of some small kindness that you can share at
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