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Cambodia: Enhancing Governance for Sustainable Development

Created by Sour Piseth January 5, 2013 - Category: Society
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Cambodia: Enhancing Governance for Sustainable Development
Good governance is critical for Cambodia’s future.  Over the last decade,
during transition towards liberal democracy and a market economy,
Cambodia’s policy makers, donors and civil society have recognised that
strengthening good governance is imperative if Cambodia is to sustain socio-
economic development.
The current study, which was commissioned by the Asian Development
Bank (ADB), considers how to promote good governance for sustainable
development in Cambodia. The analysis and findings from the study aim to
contribute insights for policy-making by the Royal Government of Cambodia
and to identify key areas and strategies of assistance for ADB and other
donors to consider.
This independent study entailed extensive consultations and interviews
with many people from the Royal Government of Cambodia, the National
Assembly, the Senate, the Judiciary, the media, businesses, civil society
organisations, and international donor agencies.
The authors of this study, Toshiyasu Kato (economist; team leader), Jeffrey
A. Kaplan (lawyer), Chan Sophal (economist), and Real Sopheap (lawyer)
are staff and contract researchers at CDRI.

This document has been released into the public domain.