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Displaced Families: Phnom Penh 1990-2011

Created by Sour Piseth January 11, 2013 - Category: Society
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Case Study: *1990 Wat Sarawan relocation:
In 1990-96, a joint project of the Municipality of Phnom Penh and the Irish NGO Concern relocated 570 families, most of them living in Wat Sarawan, to a site 15km from the city near the Kop Sreou dike. Reports show that despite spending nearly 1million US$, the project struggled with many of the typical problems associated with relocation including limited involvement of communities in decision making, planning and implementation. In 1999, it emerged that few of the original settlers remained on the land with many houses abandoned and infrastructure in poor condition through lack of maintenance and/or repeated flooding .The problems were further compounded in 2001 when 329 of the remaining families were relocated again. (Source: Fallavier/URC)