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Self-Teaching Guide to Picture-Taking

Created by Sour Piseth May 9, 2012 - Category: Recreation - Tags: #photo 
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The exercises in this booklet are designed to teach you how to take very good pictures.
All you need is a camera, a few rolls of film, and the time to go through these exercises
carefully and thoughtfully. The best way to learn anything is by doing it: Practice. This is
just as true of photography as of anything else; and that’s the principle on which this
booklet is based. Read each exercise; do it; examine the results; and paste your best
examples in the spaces indicated. In doing each exercise, be sure to apply the lessons you
have already learned in the ones before it. If you are faithful to this booklet, follow the
instructions, and complete all the exercises, you’ll have a good command of picturetaking.

This document has been released into the public domain.