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The Talented Manager

Created by Sour Piseth May 28, 2012 - Category: Arts & Culture
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Praise for The Talented Manager
“Adrian Furnham is one of the most prolifi c academics in the world, but his
most exceptional talent is his ability to do research that appeals not just to
academics but also to business and laypeople alike. In this collection of essays,
Furnham covers an impressive list of hot management topics in an authoritative
yet engaging way. Indeed, the author injects humor and science into a world
so often dominated by clichés and pop psychology. There is probably no other
management scientist so well equipped with facts, research evidence, and many
years of business experience at the top of the game. Generations of consultants
and managers will appreciate this masterpiece.” – Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic,
New York University, USA

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