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Professional Skills Seminar & International Volunteer Fair

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  • Posted By: Sour Piseth
  • Posted: May 7, 2012
  • Last Updated: May 7, 2012
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  • Category: Event
  • Tags: #Professional #Seminar
  • Location: phnom Penh, Cambodia   
  • Description: "Professional Skills Seminar & International Volunteer Fair" will be on 20th May, 2012 from 1 PM - 5 PM at CJCC (IFL). Are you eager to know HOW to write an interesting CV and act in an interview? or FIND OUT the opportunities abroad that you might be able to do? To get FREE Ticket to join this event, YOU need to: 1. Fill in the form below and submit 2. Check your mail within 24 hours to find out whether you are selected to join. Please check out the places below that you can go to pick up your ticket and contact the person responsible. 3. Come to the event on 20th May and learn the best out of it :) Note: You need to book 2$ when you get the ticket. However, you will get your 2$ BACK on the day of the event when you arrive. This is just to ensure proper seats for all the audience. Only 500 tickets are given away, so HURRY UP to get ONE now!!! Bonus: You also will get 10% discount-voucher from Tutti Frutti Cambodia to taste yummy frozen yogurt if you come to our event and also a free bottle of DASANI water from Coca-Cola Company. Now until 15th May, 2012 , after you fill in this form, you can get your FREE TICKET at these PLACES: 1. at IFL , contact: 069 373643 / 017 515539 (Ms. Youleng) 088 888 5852 (Ms. Raksmey) 2. at PUC, contact: 016 266676 (Ms. Dara) 3. at Norton, contact: 012 872312 (Mr. Bunnavath) 4. at LUCT, contact: 077 678772 (Mr. Panha) 5. at NUM, contact: 016 810828 (Ms. Leakhena) 6. at UP, contact: 010 966660 (Mr. Salun) 7. at RULE, contact: 098 226688 (Ms. Leakhena) 8. or you can come to AIESEC Office based at University of Puthisastra every Monday to Friday (10am-12pm and 1pm-5pm)

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