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Valentine's Day 2012

As a Cambodian, what Does Valentine's Day Mean to You?

Posted by cambodiacircles team about February 6, 2012 in Default Category - 2360 views - 1 total answers. Status: open. Votes: +1, -0 - Report

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    With the absence of love Valentine's Day appears to be nothing but another miserable day of even the year of Dragon. But when love presents it turns enchantingly to be a dynamic cheerful day for those who await to see their love ones' smile, to hear their love ones' laugh , to hold their love ones' hand, and embrace them tight. It is a good time to apologize your brother, return your sister's money, dine with your mum, cheer with your dad, date or (skype or gtalk) with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and tell them how much you love them. This 14th Feb was designed for just the shake of pure love. As a Cambodian, ask yourself how many time last year did you tell your dad, mum, sister, brother, spouses, friends in person that you love them when you feel it? Leave tradition, culture, shyness, and tease behind, with just your conscience, go for it, go for for them, go for the one who love you, and tell them " Shut Up! I LOVE YOU."

    Posted by B H about February 8, 2012 - Votes: +1, -0 - Report

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