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Defensive Practices

It is not difficult to participate in one society, but it is hard to perform well in life. In order to perform well, I personally have to express myself intentionally or unintentionally and sometimes willingly or forcibly expected to get a good feedback from others. First, I wonder why it does not sometimes work as I expected although I try to act whatever things to satisfied myself and people around. Afterward, however, I realize that this thing happens because of my behavior. My behavior plays an overwhelmingly important role in communicating with other people, represents myself directly, and it is also responsible for all the consequences. I agree that we do not lead our lives, make our decisions, and reach our goal in everyday life either statistically or scientifically. We live by inference. Thus, my question would be what are your defensive practices to present yourself in everyday life?

Posted by Vathana Seourn about February 12, 2012 in Default Category - 4159 views - 1 total answers. Status: open. Votes: +3, -0 - Report

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    Hi Vathana, what do you mean by Defensive practices? could you give some examples?

    Posted by cam circle about February 15, 2012 - Votes: +0, -0 - Report

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    • Vathana Seourn
      Vathana Seourn Thank you Sokhodom for answering my question.
      Personally I would say defensive practice is the practice I usually use to protect my self-esteem. And I use this defensiveness to hide some part of my personality or emotions that I cannot or do not want oth...  more
      February 16, 2012
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