Youth for Peace (YFP)

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To contribute to the justice process in Cambodia in the context of the proceedings of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the YJR project has been implementing its activities since 2007. In Cambodia the knowledge about the Khmer Rouge (KR) time among youth is low as the subject is not taught in schools and the information that is transferred within families varies in contents and truth.

 Project aims The project aims to work toward establishing a positive legacy for the Extraordinary Chambers and reconciliation efforts in Cambodia, through education and the creation of space for dialogue between the younger generation as well as the older. The objectives of this project are:
 1. To improve youth's understanding of the history related to the Khmer Rouge
 2. To engage youth in Cambodia's search for justice, accountability, and reconciliation
 3. To provide space for Cambodians to share their experiences between young and old and promote reconciliation
 4. To engage Youth to take an active role in the Transitional process using different kind of methods towards Memory Culture

 Results of the project The results of the project indicates that the youth are increasingly interested in studying and getting involved in the process of Transitional Justice, genocide prevention and their involvement bridges the gap between the generations. Critical thinking and action of the young generation - to break the silence; open the wounds of the past and reflect on the atrocity of Cambodian history - has increased. The project promotes a lot of participation from the grass-root level and by that contributes to the Transitional Justice process by creating mechanisms to deal with symbolic reparation and to establish local dialogues on and understandings of the Khmer Rouge period on local communitiy level.
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